Happy Friendship Day 2019: 5 Iconic Friendships In Indian Mythology

Happy Friendship Day: 5 Iconic Friendships In Indian Mythology

Friendship Day: 5 Iconic Friendships In Indian Mythology – Friendship is an extremely important thing in human relationship. It is one of the basic building blocks of social harmony. Friends are so unique and special that there is a special day set aside as Friendship’s Day for it. On this special day, friends value their friendship with others in more ways than one. They commonly exchange cards, hand bands and gifts to celebrate this occasion.

Happy Friendship Day: 5 Iconic Friendships In Indian Mythology

Now International Friendship Day celebrations take place on the first Sunday of August every year. Friendship reminds us of all the people that are near and dear in many ways. Many of us are likely to think about friendship in a spiritual aspect and count of friendship as a heavenly gift. If we believe deeply, most of us will grasp that friendship is an imperative and fundamental foundation stone of humanity.

Friendship Day – 5 iconic friendships in Indian mythology

It is axiomatic to expose numerous virtues of friendship from the treasure trove of Indian legends. Here’s looking at few anecdotes that are cherished as timeless examples of amity in Indian mythology.

  • Krishna-Sudama

An everlasting bond of Krishna and Sudama exhibiting a very beautiful and pure tie, they never keep limitations of caste, creed or communal status in between their friendship. It is said that both were best friends, despite a huge socio-economic system that divided society at the time.


Once Sudama was going through with the serious poverty, with persistence of his wife he travelled to Dwarka carrying a present for the Lord Krishna.

This seen was more of a memento to honor the everlasting bond that they shared. Sudama’s wife packed a small amount of yellow rice for his adored friend in spite of not having sufficient food to feed her own children.

  • Draupadi-Krishna

According to legendary tales it is discovered that Draupadi and Krishna’s friendship had the never-ending bond of ‘sakha’ and ‘sakhi’. Many mythologies see the beginning of Rakshabandhan in this tale of friendship and respect.


As per the viewpoint, Krishna hurt his finger, when he threw the Sudarshan Chakra at Shishupal. Looking at this, Draupadi took a small piece from her sari and tied it around Krishna’s finger to stop bleeding to flow. Touched by such gesticulation, Krishna took the vow of defensive Draupadi  in needs.

  • Krishna-Arjun

Touted mainly as a ‘teacher-disciple’ bond, their bond is well-known for its friend-philosopher-guide opinion and everlasting devotion that Arjuna exhibited towards their heavenly association. Their relationship also teaches us about the mentorship and friendship.


  • Karna-Duryodhan

Mythology have it that even though Duryodhan wanted to be friend  of Karna for his own pursuits, the blending between them transpired to turn into one of the best remembered depictions of amity.


Karna though skilful, lacked an suitable that rendered his contention in the eyes of Kripa , who mocked Karna on knowing about his caste. Realizing this, Duryodhana appointed him as the King of Anga, so he was regarded as Arjuna’s equivalent in that fight of power.

  • Trijata-Sita

In the story of Ramayana, despite the fact that Trijata is known as the Ravana’s agent, Trijata pines for Lord Ram’s triumph. She helps Sita in everything her adversities and provides her console by keeping her informed to aware of the news concerning the outside the world.


These 5 iconic friendships in Indian mythology is a kind of stories that exist world widely. These above examples urge us to keep the eternal bond between people alive.

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