5 Ideas to Create a Pleasant Happy New Year Card and Quotes:

2020 happy new year card design quotes

India also joins the great New Year’s Eve celebration on December 31 preparing the main tourist places of the country of this time with lights, fireworks, food, music, and joy. In this sense, 10 best places are shown to celebrate New Year’s Eve in India in an unforgettable way. If you are going to plan your next trip for New Year 2020 or even you are already enjoying the adventure in India but you do not want to miss the hurricane of colors and rigor that infects the end of the Western year, Good News! You still have time to choose one of the best places to spend this New Year’s Eve.

7 Best Places to Celebrate New Year’s Eve 2020

Delhi – City of drinks and joy:

The capital of India dresses with joy between drinks and very good food with everything that characterizes Indian cuisine. While you are on the eve of the end of the year you can enjoy a variety of historical attractions such as the Red Fort, Jama Masjid, Humayun’s Tomb, Qutub Minar, and India Gate. As also, you can also enjoy this time of Chandni Chowk the most famous market in India.

Rajasthan – Majestic Winter Festival:

In the land of the kingdoms, spending the end of the year season can be one of the most majestic experiences, since in winter it is the best time to ride elephants through the city of Jaipur or do camel safari through the Thar Desert.

Kasol – The Himachal Mountain Festival:

If the retreats towards nature and epic parties are your thing, “Himachal Hill Fest” is the experience you are looking for this end of the year, since this festival is celebrated annually on December 30 and 31 with the purpose of receiving the happy new year 2020 quotes With the purified soul in the midst of nature, good music, and delicious food.

Coorg – A romantic New Year’s Eve evening:

If you plan a romantic New Year’s Eve trip, the state of Coorg offers you a stay between mystical mountains, the greenest forests with beautiful waterfalls and surrounded by plantations of the best coffee in India.

Kerala – The End of the Year in a Boat House by the backwaters: 

Receiving the New Year in a Boat House by the backwaters of Kerala is a perfect way to find new inspiration in contact with nature and the rhythms of the water.

Goa – The paradise of the Sun and the lights:

If your plan is to spend the winter holidays away from the cold temperatures, the Happy New Year  2020 in Goa is the perfect option for you.

Havelock – The paradise islands away from the cold winter:

If you want to enjoy a very lively parties with a spectacular display of Goa-style fireworks, Havelock Island is another perfect option to enjoy the eve of happy new year 2020 but in a more paradisaical version between the white sand and the crystal clear water.

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