Celebration of Happy Friendship Day 2019

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If mutual affection exists between people then that relationship is termed as friendship. Love, kindness, sympathy, virtue, honesty, empathy, loyalty, compassion and mutual understanding are the characteristics of friendship. The bond of friendship is very stronger. The feeling of giving and sharing anything is also the concept of friendship. It exists among the people who belong to common interests. The cooperative and supportive behaviour among the people is represented by it. The day which is celebrated to honour the relationship of friendship is Friendship day. There are different dates of happy friendship day for different countries in the world. In Oberlin, Ohio, the date of its celebration is 8th April every year. But some countries including India carry out the celebration of this day on first Sunday of August.

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The celebration of friendship day 2019 should be carried out according to the choice of our friends. We need to be very creative and have to do something special to make the occasion very meaningful. The best ideas to celebrate friendship day 2019 are described in the following manner.

friendship day 2019 celebration

  • Organising The Party

During friendship day date we should choose our favourite place and make our old and new friends to gather at that place and then we all have to do a big party. In this party, we have to sing songs and dance on them. A grand dinner has to be organized in this party. We have to entertain our friends by expressing jokes. The mood of the friends can be made favourable for doing the party by giving them quotes of friendship day date.

happy friendship day 2019

  • Play favourite Sports

Sports include basketball, beach volleyball, rugby, baseball, surfing, and swimming etc. It is very entertaining to celebrate happy friendship day by playing sports. The feeling of team spirit while playing sports makes the bond of friendship stronger. To play sport on happy friendship day is the best way to get the company of our friends. The feeling of oneness is developed within our mind and heart by playing sports on this day. These sports are not only good for maintaining our relationship of friendship but also good for our physical health. The friendship day becomes very enthusiastic if we celebrate it by playing sports. The cooperative behaviour which is a part of friendship can be realized in a better way if we play sports with our friends on this day.

friendship day 2019 images

  • Sharing Thoughts And Views

The friends are the persons with whom we share our thoughts and views. They are the persons who hold our secret. They are the person on whom we rely a lot. All the aspects of our life are shared with them. They have an important place in our life. They are the persons who help us in our sorrows and pains. They are the person with whom we can share all the happiness of our life. We can celebrate friendship day 2019 date is 5th august which is celebrated by sharing our thoughts and views with our friends. If we celebrate friendship day 2019 date in such a way then our relationship with our friends cannot be broken at any moment of life.

friendship day images 2019

friendship day feature images

  • Sweet Memories

Friends are the person with whom we spend our time. The time which we spend with our friend can be captured by taking snaps and videos. Friendship day 2019 date in India is 5th august, each year 1st Sunday of August is celebrated as friendship day by viewing snaps and videos of the time which we spent with our friends. People make the Friendship day 2019 date in India to be memorable and sweet.

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