Heartfelt Emotional Friendship Quotes And Best Emotional Messages On Friendship

emotional friendship quotes

Best Emotional Friendship Quotes & Messages – The relationship of friendship is an amazing one. The bond between two persons or group of persons is made of purity and honesty.  When we talk about friendship we give everything into it to make this relation superb and strengthen our bond. To be a good friend one must have to put all the efforts to make the relation of friendship stand out loud. As we all know situations are not same or not in our control always so, during those times what we communicate to our friends can make a world difference. This is why best emotional friendship messages and friendship quotes about emotion are important to provide that required directions as you seek to recover your friendship.

Whenever I needed someone to listen to my problems, you were there, whenever I needed to express myself, you were there. Thanks for all these times.

At anytime in the life if you every get doubt about our friendship take a coin and toss is. If it is head I am your best friend.

My best friend… I feel like I’ve lost him forever. He was like my touchstone. – Reality Bites

Keep me as a best friend and I will keep you in my heart and lock it up. I’ll throw away the key so that no one can take you away from me.

best emotional friendship quotes

Best Emotional Friendship Quotes

Friendship messages are really a kind of inspiration to grow the love in your bond. Always know the right words you can say to your friends. don’t get confused by the term “right words” as it simply means – those words which let your friends know about your feelings for them and which leaves an emotional impact on your relationship of friendship. There are lots of best emotional friendship quotes that you can write or say to your buddy also you can come up with your own words or messages if you want. Emotional messages do not always meant sad messages it can be one which reflects your feelings for the loved ones. Emotional quotes or messages have that special essence in the words which creates magic in every relation. It makes the relation bloom with the fragrance of love and care. It is not necessary to write or say feelings through emotional friendship messages in poetic way, but make sure you go out of your way to express your feelings in the best possible approach. This approach will touch to the heart of your dearest one.

I was never tired of this life and It is not gonna matter if I fall down twice, coz I know each time I fall you won’t let me hit the ground.

Not all scars show, not all wounds heal. Sometimes you can’t always see the pain someone feels.

Real loss only occurs when you lose something that you love more than yourself.

Your friendship has become my habit. Even if you take out h, ‘a bit’ remains. Take out a, still ‘bit’ remains. Finally take out b, and still it remain!

best emotional friendship messages

One day I may die without saying good bye. But I will forget to say thank you because you have given me one of the love list friendship ever in my life.

How long shall we be friends? Do you want a clue? As long as stars twinkle in the sky, Till the water runs dry and till the day I die.

emotional friendship messages

Friendship is not how long you have been together, not how much you have given or received, not how many times you have talked, and help each other.

Friendship is but a name; fidelity but an empty name.- Ovid

emotional friendship quotes

Emotional Friendship Quotes – Although most of the times we thought there is no need to tell your BFF how much you loved them because they know it well. We suggest expressing a bit is always good for the health of any relationship even for friendship also. Therefore let your BFF know he/she mean world to you. Friends are like our family even sometimes their support is far important than family or relatives. We can be what we are in front of our friends and they won’t judge us for it.

Heartfelt Emotional Friendship Messages & Quotes

Whenever you found any of your friends going through difficult times in life always support them your encouragement and motivation can prove as biggest help for them. There are many ways to let your friends know that you are always standing there like a spine support and prove it. Bring a beautiful card and write down some best emotional friendship messages & quotes anticipate that this hard time will flew away soon and you will come out of it like a brightening star as experience taught a lot to everyone.

These days flattery wins friends, truth begets hatred. – Terence

Life is a touch & go, Some people will be there for a while, Some will go away, but People who find you special will always find ways to stay you!

emotional messages about friendship

Flower remembers bees, fish remembers whater, tree remembers the rain, at this moment I remember you my friend.

My Friendship is just like a rubber band, it is too flexible; stretch it as much as you can, but if you leave it, it’ll hurt you a lot, Really a lot!

best emotional friendship quotes for friends

Friends is like life on a desert island. To find one real friend in a lifetime is good fortune to keep him is a blessing.

I’m not even going to get mad anymore. I’m just going to learn to expect the lowest out of the people I thought the highest of. – Anonymous

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