Friendship Day Activities For Preschool, Toddlers, Kindergarten And Babies

friendship day activities 2018

Life is better with friends, as friends make our lives joyful and therefore we can feel the essence of true friendship by celebrating friendship day. It is an important occasion to let your friend know how special they are in our lives and how important they are to give us a meaningful direction. We are celebrating friendship day in schools, colleges & even in preschools because having a best friend by your side from your childhood is the best gift you can ever get from God. Here you can get some friendship day activities for preschooler.

  • A Friendship Day Song: This is simple, straight & cheerful idea for celebrating a Happy Friendship Day. Ask toodlers to prepare a song of their wish whose theme is related to friendship. Find the list of few friends 
    • Friend-2 123 all my friends are here with me
      Find a friend, Say “Hello!”
      We’ll be friends together.

friendship day activities for preschooler

This is the Best Ideas For Friendship Day activities for toddlers because music is the best way to teach children how to build a lasting friendship in your early stage of life.

  • Marble Matching Game: Distribute marbles between children first and then let them find the other kid having same color marble. Then links their arms with each other and told them to stay together until all the groups will complete. Once all the group has been made then organize a race in a playground. This is one of the best friendship day’s activities for preschooler to work on the idea that different people can have things in common.

friendship day activities for toddlers

  • Sharing of their Toys & Teddy’s: Sharing is the best skill we should teach our children in childhood. So, we can make this a part of friendship day activities for babies and ask them to bring their teddy or any toy they would like to share with their friends.

happy friendship day activities for babies

  • Friendship Chain of Paper: Give each child a slip of paper and ask them to write what they think is the most important quality they love with their friends. Then joined all the slips together by using tape and form a chain which can be easily hung on the classroom wall and became a part of friendship day activities for kindergarten.

friendship day activities for kindergarten

  • Friendship Handmade Cards: Ask children to bring colors box with them and organize a handmade cards competition in classroom. Handmade cards specially based on a friendship theme are the best way to surprise your friends.

Friendship Day 2018 Activity

Here we have mentioned some awesome Activities On Friendship Day that you can do even in preschools. After performing these friendship day activities in Preschooler, you can make children surprise & happy because they find their happiness in small things. So don’t waste your time now and start preparing for friendship day activities for kindergarten.  

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