Friendship Day Celebration Ideas In School, Creative Ideas For Friendship Day Celebration For Kids

friendship day celebration ideas in school

Friendship is a relation which is beyond age, cast, religion or creed. We all have made lots of friends in childhood and we had lots of fun with them in our school days. But on that time the trend of celebrating friendship day was not so popular. The friendship is all about true feelings that can have by person of any age group. Children have true feelings for their friends and they should express their feelings. It will help them growing and understanding the value of relations.  So we should inspire children to celebrate the day to celebrate friendship day. Here we have some friendship day celebration ideas in school. So let’s have a look on these ideas.

Friendship Day Celebration Ideas in School

Good Friend List: It is a simple activity in which children are asked to make a list of their good friends. In that list they can mention those names with whom they share toys and other stuff.

The Matching Game: In this game, the marbles of different colors will be distributed in children. Then the children have to find other kids who have same color marble. They then need to link their arms and stay together until all groups are complete.

Compliment Game: In this game, children need to sit in a circle and toss a beanbag to each other, or they need to name the next person to get turn. In this each child should get a chance to participate. The activity will teach them to compliments each other. It will also let them know that how it feels to get compliment. The activity will also help them to get closer

Creative Ideas For Friendship Day Celebration In School

Creative Ideas for Friendship Day Celebration

  • Prepare a CD that will have all the songs of friendship that you and your friends like.
  • Call all those friends with whom you have not talked to in ages. Making new friends doesn’t mean that you forget old friends. So be in touch with old friends too.
  • Invite your friends for a house party or go for a movie or night out.
  • If you all have not much time to spend with each other then take your friend for dinner. It will not take your much time.
  • Buy ticket of a movie to your friends and enjoy it together.
  • Present your friend a gift or tie friendship band on his hand.
  • Write a letter to your friend. It will make him feel special because writing a letter is different in this time of social media.
  • Send happy friendship day wishes, quotes and images to your friends to make them feel out of the world. You may get a collection of friendship day wishes from this website.

These are some creative ideas for friendship day celebration that can make your upcoming friendship day 2018 memorable. So don’t wait for anything and prepare for the day well.

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