Friendship Day History Celebrations, Origin Of Friendship Day – Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day History

Not many people know about Friendship Day History that how it was started and why people celebrate it. So today here we are to make you aware about all the facts of Friendship Day and its celebration. However there are lots of signs and mythological facts that show that friendship has been valued since beginning of civilized world. As a social creature, we all love to make friends and share things with them. We all need someone who understand us and stand by us in all the phases of our life. Let’s move further to know history of Friendship Day.

History of Friendship Day in US

All the countries started celebrating Friendship Day because of different reasons. In US, the United State Congress introduced the day in 1935 and celebrated it on 1st Sunday of August. Since then the celebration of National Friendship Day became trend and people started celebrate it. The day is also celebrated in India on 1st Sunday of August. This year the day will be celebrated o 05th august 2018 and people are excited about the day. After introducing in US, people of many other countries started celebrate it. Today the day is celebrated in many countries across the globe.

History of Friendship Day in US

Friendship Day History

As according to many people, Friendship Day was firstly introduced in 1930 by Joyce Hall, the founder of Hallmark Cards. The day was introduced by him to promote the cards of his company and people celebrated the day on 2nd August firstly. They celebrated the day by sending friendship day cards to each other. And then after it became popular and people started celebrating it every year by sending greeting cards to each other. In some countries the day is celebrated by tying friendship day bands to each other.  There are numbers of stories behind the celebration of Friendship Day but in actual there are no such evidences.

Origin And History Of Friendship Day

On other hand, some people say that the friendship day was firstly introduced by United Nations to promote friendship in between people of all countries, casts and religions. Actually no one knows the actual reason behind celebration of friendship day. The History of Friendship day doesn’t really matter. The thing which actually matters is that people get a chance to respect and honour their true friends. They send friendship day wishes on this day on their friend’s mobiles. Some go for movie, restaurants, bars, night clubs or night out to spend some time with their friends. They all have their own ways to celebrate the day and make their friends feel special.   

We hope that after reading this content you gets to know that why people celebrate friendship day every year. This year, the day is all upon our head and people are all to set to celebrate the day with their friends.

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