Happy Friendship Day 2020 In Bengali Quotes Wishes Shayari Messages SMS And Images

friendship day in bengali

Do you have Bengali friends? If yes then you have landed at right place. Here we will help you to make your Bengali friends surprise on this upcoming friendship day. You will also able to celebrate friendship day in Bengali style with them. Don’t worry; you won’t have to learn Bengali or any other language for that. You just need to pick some awesome friendship day quotes in Bengali from here. After getting these quotes, you will have to send them to your Bengali friends via Whatsapp, Facebook or any other way. We are sure that whenever they will read this text from you, they will be surprised. So you won’t get any other chance than this to make your Bengali friends surprise and happy at the same time. With these lovely quotes you will able to express your feelings as well. So don’t make it late.

Bondhu mane duti hridoyer tan.
Bondhu mane ektu oviman.
Bondhu mane sukh dukher gan.
Bondu mane duita jibon ar ekta jeno pran.
“Happy Friendship Day”

friendship day wishes in bengali

Valo Lage Purono Shei Din gulo, 
Valo Lage Otiter shei Gan Gulo, 
Valo Lage ekrash Takta Hawa, 
Valo Lage Hazar Bestotar Majhe Tomar ekta Msg Pawa.


West Bengal is an eastern state of India situated between Himalayas and bay of Bengal. People of Bengal speak Bengali language as it is their local language. So it is a good sign to wish someone in his regional language. So you are getting a chance on this friendship day to make a Bengali happy. For that you don’t need to do any hard work or any other thing. Just send friendship day messages in Bengali to your friends on their mobile.

Friendship Day Messages in Bengali

There is less than a week left in friendship day and all the people have planned something special for their friends. Some collected the gifts from market and others have arranged some party or get together. But it is not necessary that all the friends are living in the same city. In this case, you can send some lovely messages or pictures to them and make their day. Here we are offering a large collection of Friendship Day Wishes in Bengali 2020. These wishes are in the form of quotes, messages and pictures. You can pick any of them and send to your loved ones.

Prem korle ‘Parishaan’ hoe jai
Biye korle ‘Sharabi’ hoe jai
Divorce dile ‘Devdas’ hoe jai
Aur Friendship korle “Mobbile Te Balance” ses hoe jai!!! 😛
Happy Friendship Day

Ecche Kore echhe Take Songe Niye Choli, 
echhe Kore Tomar Sathe Ektu Kotha Boli, 
echhe Kore Ghure Berai Sorgo Theke Vumi, 
Echhe Hole Songo Dite Chole Eso Tumi.

Nodir pare ami eka..
nodi chole aka-baka..
ami bondhu boro eka..
Ekhon vabci tomar kotha..
tomar sathe amar ki kokhono hobe na dekha.?
“Happy Friendship Day”

Kotoi sopno dekhechilo
Tomae mon cheyechilo
Hese hridoy bolechilo
Tomakei se chai
Aaj sopno mritopray
Hridoy je venge jai
Tomai chere onno kichu
E mon na chai.
Happy Friendship Day

Sopno Ghera Meger Kole Amar Jaoa Asa. 
Shisir Veja Dokhina Bayu Amar Valobasha, 
Nodir Pare Shanto Bikal Shital Kore Mon, 
R Keu Noy Sei Ami, Tomar Aponjon.

Friendship Day Images in Bengali

Not so many people know when friendship day is celebrated. So this is why we clearly mention in all of our articles that it is celebrated on 1st Sunday of August. This year the day will be on 2nd August 2020 and people are excited to celebrate the day. People who have Bengali friends are searching for friendship day images in Bengali. So we want to let these people know that they can get these types of pictures written Bengali on them from here. Here we are offering latest friendship day wishes in Bengali 2020.

friendship day quotes in bengali

friendship day messages in bengali

friendship day shayari images in bengali

We hope that you are ready to celebrate friendship day in Bengali after reading this article. If you have any question or suggestion in your mind then please share it with us through comment box.     

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