Happy Friendship Day 2019 In Gujarati Quotes Wishes Messages SMS And Greetings With Images

friendship day 2018 in gujarati

Each state of India has its own way of celebrating the festivals. Same as other festivals, Friendship Day is also celebrated in different styles and traditions in different states. If you are having a Gujrati friend and you want to express your feelings towards him on this upcoming Friendship Day then you landed at right place. It is not necessary that you have to know Gujarati to do so. Here we are with lots of Friendship Day Quotes in Gujarati that you may share with your Gujarati friends and let them know about your feelings in their local language. It will not only make them feel good but also surprise. Because it is always fun to hear friendship wishes in our local language that we use to speak at home. So celebrate Friendship Day in Gujarati (ખુશ મિત્રતા દિવસ) this year and make it memorable.

ખુશ મિત્રતા દિવસ

Friendship Day is celebrated in all states of India like Gujarat, Rajasthan, Punjab and others. But all the states have their own traditions of celebrating it. Friends are at all the places,   so the friendship day should be celebrated everywhere. Friends are an important part of our life and we can’t imagine our life without them. Friendship Day is celebrated on 1st Sunday of every August and people celebrate the day with their friends. This year they are also excited to celebrate the day with their loved ions and friends.

Friendship Day Wishes in Gujarati

Now without wasting your valuable time, you can wish your Gujarati friends a very happy friendship day. Here we are with a large collection of Friendship Day 2019 Status In Gujarati, Happy Friendship Day Messages in Gujarati language. You just need to pick any of them and send to your friend by using Instagram, Whatsapp, Facebook or any other application. You may also text these messages to your friends in message box. We are sure that they will be happy after getting this kind of wish from you. They won’t able to resist themselves to laugh and call you back after reading that message. So don’t wait for anything. Just go for it.

Aapna Sambandh Sachway Evuu Kaai Karzo,
Wafana Foolo Na Karmaay Evuuu Kaai Karzo,
Oochi Mulakaato Maa Baandhi Chhe Friendship
Pan Zindagi Bhar Na Bhoolay Evuu Kaai Karzo!
“Happy Friendship Day”

Friendship Day Wishes in Gujarati

“એ દોસ્ત તારી દોસ્તી માટે દુનિયા છોડી દઈશુ 
તારી તરફ આવશે આંધી તો તેની દિશા ફેરવી દઈશુ 
પણ જો તે છોડ્યો મારો સાથ તો તારા હાડકાં ભાંગી દઈશુ”

Friendship Day Quotes in Gujarati

Moklu 6u mithi yad kyak sachvi rakhjo,
Mitro hamesha amulya 6 yad rakhjo,
Tadka ma chayo na lavi ske to kai nai,
Khula page tamari sate chalse e yad rakhjo.
Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day Messages in Gujarati

Friendship Day Images in Gujarati

Some of our friends like images more than quotes or text wishes. So that is why we are providing a large collection of Friendship Day 2019 Images in Gujarati that are having quotes written on them. You may share these Friendship day images through whatsapp or any other app or you may put as your display picture as well. So there are so many ways of wishing a Gujarati friend a very happy friendship day without wasting so much time. Now you don’t need to visit here and there over internet because we are proving friendship wishes in all regional languages.

Gajal Nee Jaroorai Mehfil Ma Hoye Chhe,
Prem Nee Jaroorat Dil Maa Hoye Chhe,
Mittro Magar Adhoori Chhe Jindagi,
Kem Key Dosto Ni Jaroorat Darek Pal Hoye Chhe!
Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day Images in Gujarati

દુનિયામાં ત્રણ લોકો ખુશકિસ્મત છે 
જેને સાચો પ્રેમ મળે છે 
જેને સાચો મિત્ર મળે છે 
અને જેને અમારો એસએમએસ મળે છે 

Friendship Day Status in Gujarati

Friendship Me Jeevjo,Friendship Me Marzo
Himat Na Hoye Tho Friendship Naa Karzyo
Jindagi Nathi Aamne Dosti Thi Pyaari
Dosta Maate Jey Chhe Life Amaari!
Happy Friendship Day!

Friendship Day Pics Wishes in Gujarati

દોસ્તી તૂટશે તો જીંદગી વિખરાય જશે 
આ તમારા વાળ નથી જે સેટ થઈ જશે 
પકડી લો હાથ એમનો જે તમને ખુશી આપે
નહી તો રડતાં-રડતાં જ જીંદગી વીતી જશે

happy friendship day 2019 in gujarati

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