Happy Friendship Day 2019 In Urdu Quotes Wishes Messages Shayari Poetry SMS With Images

friendship day quotes in urdu

Friendship Day is celebrated in all over world and people of India exchange gifts to honor their friends. Now the tying of friendship bands is very popular in India. With the growing use of social media people also started celebrated the day on it. There are numbers of social media platforms that are being used for this purpose. These platforms are Facebook, Instagram, Whatsapp and many others. People send friendship day wishes in various languages to each other and celebrate the day. Urdu is one of these languages which are very popular on social media. So if you are the one who is looking forward to send friendship day messages in Urdu to his friend then we welcome you here. Here we are offering a large collection of happy friendship day quotes in Urdu that will definitely help you to make your friends happy. So dear friends, do all your preparations to celebrate upcoming friendship day in Urdu.

Har gham ko khushi me badalti hai dosti,
Har ansu ko hasi mey badalti hai dosti,
Kuch log samajh nahi patey ke,
Andheri raat ka diya hai dosti..
Happy Friendship Day!!!

friendship day wishes in urdu

**Friendship Day Shayari In Urdu**
Khushi ka pal ho tumhare liye,
Baharo ka Gulista ho tumhare liye!
Kamyabi ki manjil ho tumhare liye,
Bas ek pyaara sa dost banke rehna hamare liye!
Happy Friendship’s Day!

friendship day shayari in urdu

The celebration of friendship day was started in 1930 to promote the sale of greeting cards. After that it became a trend and people start loving the day. They started preparing plans and buying expensive gifts for their friends to make them feel special and happy. Earlier people meet their friends on this day and try to spend some quality time with them. But nowadays people are busy in their lives and they celebrate the day by wishing each other on social media platforms. So in all this we suggest you to send some best friendship day wishes to your friends that will take their heart out from their body.      

Friendship Day Wishes in Urdu

Some people love shayri and love to share wishes in shayari. For these kinds of people, we are providing a large collection of friendship day quotes in Urdu that they can share with their friends on their mobiles. If they are finding this activity boaring then they also can get some images, gif, videos to send and make the day memorable. So don’t push you back and celebrate this friendship day joyfully.

**Friendship Day Wishes In Urdu**
Mehak dosti ki ishq say kam nahin hoti,
Ishq pe zindagi khatam nahi hoti, 
Sath agar ho zindagi mein aachay dostoon ka, 
Tu zindagi jannat say kam nahin hoti.

friendship day quotes in urdu

Rabb se aapki khushi maangte hai,
Duaon me aapki hassi maangte hai!
Sochte hain kya maange aapse?
Chalo, aapse umar bhai ki dosti maangte hai!
Happy Friendship’s Day!

friendship day messages in urdu

**Happy Friendship Day In Urdu Messages**
Kabhi neend na aaey to ham se bat kr lena 
Kabhi bhi kuch bhi kehna ho to bila jhijhak kehna 
Agar kabhi kuch dena chaho to humein apne gham dena 
Agar jo na kehna chaho to kabhi alvida na kehna, 

happy friendship day poetry in urdu

Friendship Day Poetry In Urdu

Teri KushYun Me Shamil Ho Sada

Teri KushYun Me Shamil Ho Sada Merii Duwain Aey Dost
Khuda Terii Takdeer Sitaroon Se Bhi Roshan Karr Dy

Benam Yari (Friendship Day Poetry)

Pocha Mugh Sa Kise Na Bta
Yari Ka Mfhoom Kia Ha
Phly To Dil Doba Phir
Us Na Hath Brhaya
Jo Rutha Tha Mugh Sa
Mere Dil Pa Hath Rkha Or
Us Sa Bola Ab Jana Ha Tu Na
Kh Yari Ka Mfhoom Kia Ha

تیرے باجوں میرا برا حآل اے

تیرےباجوں میرا برا حال اے
کلے بندےدا جینابڑا محال اے
بندےدی جند اک دکھ ہزاراں
اےزندگی اے یا کوئی وبال اے
بندہ ایس وچوں نکل نئیں سکدا
اےایس نئےزمانےداجنجال اے
جس توں وی جین بارےپچھیا
اوہ ای کہندابڑا مندہ حال اے

Friendship Day Images in Urdu

In india the trend of sending images and pictures is also on the top. So if you want to follow the latest trend and make your friends feel special at the same time then don’t wait for anything. Pick some best friendship day images in urdu from here and send to your friends and loved ones on this upcoming friendship day 2019.  We have collected these images from all over internet after lots of research and some are created by our creative. We are also providing some friendship day messages in Urdu that can be sent in message box of your friends.

**Friendship Day In Urdu Shayari**
Ek acha dost agar 100 baar roothe,
To usey 100 baar manao!
Kyunki keemti motiyon ki maala,
Jitni baar bhi toote usey peerona hi padta hai!
Happy Friendship’s Day!

friendship day 2019 quotes in urdu

**Friendship Day Messages In Urdu**
Ye hamari dosti yu hi bani rahe,
juban kuch kahe na kahe,
dil bhawnao ko samajhta rahe,

happy friendship day urdu shayari

**Friendship Day Quotes In Urdu**
Zindagi ke toofano ka sahil hai teri dosti,
Dil ke armaano ki manzil hai teri dosti!
Zindagi bhi ban jayegi apni to jannat,
Agar maut aane tak saath hai teri dosti!
Happy Friendship’s Day!

friendship day urdu messages sms

Friends we are here to offer you best friendship day wishes in urdu so that your upcoming friendship day can be memorable. If you have some suggestion that can help us to improve then please share it with us.

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