Friendship Day: The Story Of The World’s Two Richest Friends – Their On Own Words

Friendship Day‘, which is celebrated on the first Sunday of August every year, is also becoming popular in India for the past few years. Due to the increasing trend of social media, it is celebrated with great fanfare – this day of Dosti celebrates the young generation of India. But before India, the South American country, especially in Paraguay, was celebrated with Friendship Day quite a lot. It was also proposed in 1958 that the first International Friendship Day was also proposed. After which initially the greeting cards were encouraged to give to their friends on this day. Here you are know about the story of the world’s two richest friends.

Happy Friendship Day

Friendship Day is celebrated on the first Sunday of August in International Southwest Asian countries along with International Friendship Day , while in some places it is celebrated on the first Sunday of August but not on the second date. Friendship Day is celebrated on April 8 in Orhalin, Ohio. Apart from this, the date of celebration of Friendship Day is different in many parts of the world. Let us know that on April 27, 2011, the General Assembly of the United Nations declared officially on July 30 as ‘International Friendship Day’. 

Friendship Day: The Story Of The World’s Two Richest Friends

Friendship is considered to be the most beautiful relationship in the world. This is because it is such a relationship that we choose ourselves. The success of friendship is also considered. True friends always inspire and move with step by step. It is also said that people reaching the summit of success are alone there and there is no friendship between them but it is not so. In this episode, on the occasion of Friendship Day, here two people are being talked about who are considered the world’s richest people. Yes, this is happening, Microsoft’s Chairman Bill Gates and the world’s largest investor, Warren Buffett’s famous investment.

Friendship Day: The Story Of The World's Two Richest Friends

Although there was a time when these two did not even want to meet each other. In fact, on July 5, 1991, Bill Gates’s mother invited some of her friends to the house. There were also Warren Buffett. When the mother asked Gates to meet Warren Buffet, he said what would I do to meet him. Similarly, Warren Buffett did not want to meet Bill Gates. But on that day when they met, they both went together to become friends of each other. Today, it is this that at the Gates office two numbers remain on the speed dial. One of the house and the other buff..

Both friends also have many qualities. Both have their favorite business book John Brooks’s ‘Business Adventure’. Both meet together as children. Warren Buffett comes in at the Costume Party, given by Gates’s wife.

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