International Friendship Day Celebration, Friendship Day 2019 Around The World

international friendship day

Our world faces many challenges like crises, poverty, violence, human right abuses and much more. To face these challenges we need to be address their root causes by promoting humanity. It can be done with the help of promoting a factor called friendship in human beings. So this why “United Nations” took the initiative by introducing international friendship day to world. The day is observed as 30th July every year. The UN encourages governments, communities and organizations to celebrate world friendship day. But the day is UN observance only, not a public holiday. People celebrate friendship all around the world but on different times. In India, the day is celebrated on 1st Sunday of August and this year the day will be observed on 05th August.        

International Friendship Day Celebration

If you are interested to know history of international friendship day then let us tell you that the day was firstly proclaimed by United Nations, UN in 2011. The day was started to build friendship between countries, people of different cultures and communities. The UN wanted to involve young people as leaders in this campaign. So it became trend and people started celebrating it every year. On this day people, specially youth love to hang out with friends and tie friendship bands to each other. There are lots of other ways of celebrating the day in different countries.

International Friendship Day Celebration 2019

Yes, there will be a huge celebration on the occasion of International Friendship Day. It is really tough to find a true friend. So if you have one then don’t forget to honor it. To honor the friendship, the whole world will celebrate the friendship day 2019 with their friends and loved ones. People will exchange gifts and spend their time with their friends. A friend is that who stand with us on our good and bad times. There are some secrets that we share only with them. We all celebrate mother day and father day to give our parents respect. But don’t you think that your friends also deserve your respect and honor. This is why people started celebrating Friendship Day every year.   

International Friendship Day 2019 Celebration

Friendship Day 2019 Around the World

Friendship Day 2019 Around the World

Friendship Day 2019 is arriving soon and the day will be celebrated in all around the world. The day will be celebrated on 30th July in US and in some other countries but in India it will be observed on 05th August 2019. So the people of whole world are excited to celebrate the day joyously. They will love to go for hang out with their friends on the day so that they can spend some quality time with it. The people who are far from their friends will use social media platforms to wish their friends. The happy friendship day wishes will take over all the internet and they will be fun & joy only.


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