When Is Friendship Day This Year? Happy Friendship Day 2019 Date Images, Friendship Day Kab Hai

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Happy Friendship Day Date: Friendship Day is a day celebrated to make the bond of friendship stronger. It is one of the sweetest bonds in world which formed between two or more people because of trust, affection and mutual understanding. Friends are always there to support whenever we need them. They celebrate our happiness and support us in our bad time. This is why Friendship Day is celebrated every year on 1st Sunday of August. Here you can check out When is friendship day in this year 2019. This year the Friendship Day 2019 Date is on 05th August and people are eagerly waiting for it.   

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It’s really hard thing to find a true friend. So if you are having one, then you should celebrate because it is god’s blessing. There is no worth of life without friends and their friendship. We share all secretes with them that we don’t even share with our parents or any other family member. So this is a blessing for us and we should make our friends feel special on regular time intervals.   

When Is Friendship Day 2019?

No matter what we are going through in life, friends are always there for us. We always need a person who can share our happiness, sadness and problems. We also need to honor these friends in life. So the day of Friendship is all upon our head and we shouldn’t miss this chance to make our friends feel special. The Happy Friendship Day Date in 2019 is 05th August and it’s not so far. So get ready to celebrate your friendship on the day.

Happy friendship 2019 day date

when is friendship day this year

Which Day is Friendship Day?

The friendship day in India will be celebrated on 05th August 2019. The day will also be celebrated in some other countries on the same date. But there are some countries in world that have their different happy friendship day date. Isn’t it interesting to know that how a single day is celebrated in whole world on different time and with different traditions & styles? All are having their own style of celebrating the day. But the thing which is same in all of them is the love and affection they share with each other.       

Year Date of Friendship Day Date for Best Friends Day
2016 August 7 June 8
2017 August 6 June 8
2018 August 5 June 8
2019 August 4 June 8
2020 August 3 June 8
2021 August 2 June 8
2022 August 1 June 8
2023 August 7 June 8
2024 August 6 June 8
2025 August 4 June 8
2026 August 3 June 8

Friendship Day Date Images:

As we know that the friendship day date changes every year. This year the day will be celebrated on 05th August and next year on 04th August. So you can share some friendship day date images with your friends and make them remember about the day. So here we are offering a large collection of happy friendship day date images 2019 that you can share with your friends on this upcoming friendship day. Celebrate the day with your friends and make it memorable. We wish you a happy friendship day 2019 in advance with sending famous friendship day quotes.    

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happy friendship day date images

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